About us

We are a team of strategists, product managers, designers and software engineers who share a goal: to solve the biggest business challenges through design and technology.

About us

About us

We’re a digital-native company with a proprietary model combining avant-garde engineering, design, and technological innovation to help clients scale their business operations and consolidate their competitive position.

We were founded at the start of the digital payment revolution and have grown up alongside fintechs and startups. We are proud to create technological solutions and to offer experiences that go beyond profitability.

Redbee culture

Redbee culture

We are a team connected to an A.C.TI.VA culture that pursues the values:

A Adaptability

Aware of the context in which we are.

We understand the impact we want to generate.

Different ways of doing things.

Small steps to meet goals. We were wrong cheap.

C Collaboration

We build together to achieve the objectives.

We have different visions, experiences, skills.

We do it and we learn together.

The whole is more than the sum of the parts.

T Transparency

We believe in collective knowledge and in shared information.

We encourage ourselves to be wrong. We take charge.
We are clear.

We communicate what we think, as we are.

I + VA Impact + Value

We challenge ideas.

We deliver value, not just development.

We are partners. We put ourselves in your shoes to understand what you need.

We prioritize collective goals.

Redbee method

Redbee method

Our proprietary method combines knowledge and expertise in the business and technology verticals with an ACTIVe culture that transforms talent into high-performing, scalable teams.

We work to solve business and technological challenges in collaboration with our clients while promoting a world where innovation and continuous learning are the norm.



Become a member of the hive and enjoy all the benefits our community has to offer.


10 business days and 5 extra redbee days for everyone from the start

Flex work

Possibility of working from home or remotely and offices available to meet

Extra-long Leaves

We offer extended leaves to accommodate every situation and to accompany you in each stage of your life.

Days off

For when you need them

Virtual wallet

With credit so that your lunch and coffee breaks are ready in one click

Development and learning

Tailored to each person through our career ladder

English classes

To enhance our conversations with customers

Fun time

Online games with weekly draws and prizes


Available at our offices

At redbee we wake up every day wanting to do what we do. We choose it.
Life in redbee

Life in redbee

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