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Migration to the cloud is a decision that carries a latent risk that often goes unnoticed: the accumulation of idle capacity averaging 40% of total spending.

Cloud0 provides a comprehensive assessment of your cloud systems, identifying areas for improvement to reduce your costs.

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A continous improvement process

Companies can save an average of 40% on cloud costs

Cloud0 analyzes the cloud workload, looking for cost-saving and service optimization opportunities, under the premise of not altering the service level provided to its customers. It determines the most efficient configuration and best practices for your solutions deployed in the cloud.


A continous improvement process

Resource allocation in the cloud changes all the time: new solutions, updates, and changes, among other factors.

Processing demand often varies seasonally or by schedule, which is why we monitor and adjust resource usage on an ongoing basis.


What is Cloud0 based on?

redbee has extensive experience in helping our clients optimize their cloud costs. We developed a proprietary framework that allows us to:

— Gain an understanding of the infrastructure and applications to be optimized.

— Identify resource utilization through the use of proprietary tools.

— Generate automatic recommendations by analyzing resource usage.

— Propose short and medium-term improvements, using both the generated information, our experience and relevant data.

— Create a roadmap of prioritized actions.

— Support work teams in the implementation of improvement actions to achieve benefits quickly.

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The Cloud0 process

The Cloud0 process

We have developed a specific, time-bound work framework to gather information over a set period, process the data, and identify cost optimization opportunities, prioritizing those that offer greater long-term benefits.




Data collection


Preliminary findings & tuning

Final Report


Optimization and continuous measurement

dev delivery redbee

01. Kick-off

We identify which applications, solutions, and environments are being used in the cloud, their coexistence with on-premises applications, non-functional requirements, development and quality assurance environments, and current cloud costs.

02. Data collection

We use a series of applications to assess the utilization of various cloud resources (VMs, storage, RAM, CPU, etc.) over a specific period of time, in order to obtain representative statistics on resource usage.

03. Preliminary findings & tuning

foto_marco_reedbee 2

We identify quick and safe actionable steps to implement in order to reduce the cost of cloud infrastructure. Findings are iteratively reviewed and corroborated

04. Final Report

We conduct a detailed analysis of the collected statistics, non-functional requirements, expected behavior of applications and environments, and develop a set of short, medium, and long-term actions to optimize the cost of cloud infrastructure.

05. Optimization and continuous measurement

We offer fixed time and cost modules to execute identified & prioritized actions.


We work with the main cloud providers

AWS Redbee
azure redbee

What areas of improvement can be identified with Cloud0?

Resources are provisioned for a specific development or test and then remain unused. These resources have associated costs that continue to be paid without any benefit.
With Cloud0, we identify the incurred cost and the savings generated by decommissioning them.

The estimated capacity of a new environment or resource can be usually higher than what actually ends up being used. In these cases, there are several optimization options In these cases, there are several optimization options:

  1. Adjust resource requirements for the application.
  2. Use the auto-scaling resources provided by the cloud providers, for on-demand usage.
  3. Consolidation: Development and quality assurance environments can be shared by different teams without causing issues, as there are no strict performance requirements in these environments.
  4. Analyze the use of additional components to reduce traffic, for example.

Whenever you commit to a base usage for a period of time, cloud providers can offer significant discounts in various forms.

Different cloud providers offer this capability under various names. These instances are available but can be decommissioned by the provider with prior notice. They are much more economical, and if applicable, they represent significant savings.

Although this is related to point 2, in the case of storage, there are various use cases, and each has a specific, most efficient option. Generally, it is necessary to analyze and determine the need to obtain much lower costs. Often, such data is stored in fast-recovery storage tiers, which are much more expensive.

Often, there are applications that have been migrated to the cloud without modifications and cannot take advantage of certain features like auto-scaling or horizontal scaling. By converting these applications to support multiple instances and adding/removing them based on demand, cloud functionalities can be better utilized and costs optimized.

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